Who says history is boring? The story becomes more than facts and figures when you visit places where everything happened, see places and enjoy the places where our civilization was born. Everywhere is clearer than it is in Turkey.

Since 2000 BC, in 1500 AD, Turkey was the center of culture and the crossroads of civilization. People from Europe and Asia were mixed, fought, traded and built large cities. Much of this story has been preserved, and a modern tourist visiting Turkey today can learn the past while enjoying the sun and the beauty of this ancient land.

The regions of western and southern Turkey are rich in places of modern and ancient importance. Troy found more than 4,000 years ago and was a great civilization center. The ruins of the ancient city can be seen in the Turkish province of Canakkale (Dardanelles), located in the Marmara Sea area of ​​western Turkey.

The walls of the old city and the museum contain a replica of the famous Trojan horse from famous tourist destinations. In fact, you can now see two Trojan horses, since the horse used in the Hollywood epic has been donated to Turkey.

If you are traveling south from Troy to the Aegean region of Turkey, there are still many places to explore. Pergamon was an important center in the Hellenistic period when the heirs of Alexander the Great ruled large areas in the Middle East and Asia.

Today, the modern city of Bergama contains the ruins of Pergamum. Pergamon was one of the major military, political and cultural centers in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The 200,000-volume library was the second largest library in the world — the largest library in Alexandria. The famous doctor was Galen of Pergamum.

Visitors to Bergamo today can visit the ruins of the Pergamon Theater, which seats 10,000 spectators, the temple of Dionysos, the Temple of Athena and other places in Acropolis in Pergamum, but ancient library books have long since disappeared, considering Cleopatra’s wedding present.

Another city in the Aegean region is currently a tourist station where
Easter craft ideas for toddlers are very popular, and the ancient cultural center is Ephesus. Port city was important, and it remains to this day remained in good condition. The old port became stable at the right time, and as a result, Ephesus was now at sea. The Temple of Artemis in Ephesus was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Banks in modern meaning got their beginnings in Ephesus. The philosopher Heraclitus was of Ephesus.